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Nicola Dunford

Nicola Dunford b.1971 BA(Hons) Fine Art

I primarily work with oil on canvas enjoying the fact that oil paint remains malleable. I love to come back to a piece time and time again – removing and then replacing the paint. In much of my work the residual pigments of the removed ‘painting that once existed’ are clearly visible to the viewer through the upper permanent layers of paint.

My paintings are inspired by an interest in chaos and the premise that, should you look on a large enough scale at something chaotic you will, in fact, find pattern and order. If one were to look back over time there is cyclical repetition of events, trends and fashions.

Recently I have been slicing pieces from work which I had previously considered complete and have been using the cut sections to produce new work. These ‘recycled’ images take on a dual life of their own as both ‘detail’ of the previous image and as completed works in their own right.

Colours are always important to me and I enjoy exploring the relationships and interactions between them. I have an obsession with repetition and this is often clearly evident in my painting with repeating patterns of shape and colour being a very strong theme.

I take my inspiration from many sources; I enjoy time outdoors and use my camera to gather memories of shape, colour and pattern. I love textile prints, fabric and clothing and use them as a rich visual treasures of pattern repetition.

I embrace the opportunity to make site specific pieces when the resulting work is a collaboration between me, the installation space and the person or people who commission the work.

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